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PVC Foam Board Painting Process

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●PVC foam board, with sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, heat preservation and other properties.

●PVC foam board with flame retardant, can self-extinguishing fire, can be used safely.

●PVC foam board series of products have moistureproof, mildew-proof, non-absorbent performance, and good shockproof effect.

●PVC foam board after the series of products made by weathering formula, its color can remain unchanged for a long time, not easy to aging.

●PVC foam board texture light, convenient storage and transportation, construction.

●PVC foam board using general wood processing tools can be constructed.

●PVC foam board can be like wood drilling, sawing, nails, planing, bonding and other processing.

●PVC foam board can be used for heat forming, heating bending and folding processing.

●PVC foam board can be welded according to the general welding procedure, can also be bonded with other PVC materials.

● the surface of PVC foam board is smooth and easy to print.

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